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Propyl Poppers

Propyl Poppers

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Propyl Poppers

Awaken your senses with Propyl Poppers 


Do you want to satisfy your fantasies and free yourself from sexual taboos? The Propyl Poppers is your best ally! With it, plunge into moments of euphoria and forget all your taboos. This product provides a quick adrenaline rush. It will allow you to release the beast lying in you. 


Forget your sexual taboos and release yourself with Propyl Poppers


Thanks to this propyl-based Poppers and the instant effects, you will soon feel intense joy. Your adrenaline level will increase, as well as your sexual appetite. It will allow you to satisfy all your sexual impulses, from the softest to the hardest. So don't hesitate any longer! With this Propyl Poppers, you will get prolonged orgasms. The rectal muscles will be immediately dilated. You will be able to penetrate your partner deeply, without causing him pain. You won't be disappointed by this Propyl Poppers from Everest!

Instructions for use:

Inhale the product directly or use an inhaler to reduce burns. You can also open the bottle of Poppers in your room and let the vapour escape into the room. Its effects will always be intense and long-lasting.