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Increase sperm

Semen Volume

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Show your virility with a higher semen volume


The volume of a man's semen varies from 1 to 2 teaspoons. However, he may have less because of health problems or a significant power loss. Don't worry. In order to increase the volume of your semen, and to have pleasant sex at the same time, there is a solution. 


Increase the volume of your semen with a suitable food supplement.


Having a large volume of semen is synonymous with virility. This kind of natural food supplement is intended for all men who want to increase their semen volume quickly. Based on aphrodisiac plants, it acts to boost the production of testosterone which will increase the volume of the semen. Please also pay attention to your psychological health, as it has an influence on the amount of semen you produce. Take stock of your life and eliminate stress and negative emotions. If you manage to do all this, the volume of your semen will increase more easily.