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More than an online sex shop, Jaloo is the first French lovestore dedicated to male pleasure only. We propose to you a continually renewed selection of the best sextoys for males on the market.

Whatever your type of sexuality - homosexual, heterosexual, agender, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual or binary - Jaloo has been thinking about you. Browse through our website dedicated to male pleasure and you will certainly find what you’re looking for. Our team will give you their benevolence, open mindedness and knowledge of male sexuality to guide you on the path of lust.


Our online store references major brands as Tenga known for its eggs and other quality masturbators such as Skyn or Fleshlight.  We also believe in the know-how of manufacturers of innovative sextoys for the sole purpose of male orgasm.


The best masturbators for men


Masturbators are usually the first sextoys that men buy. These male toys are good replicas of a vagina with the shapes of the clitoris, the labia or the shapes of a woman's anatomy to give males a breathtaking realistic effect. The brand Fleshlight is a perfect example with the casting of famous porn film actresses’sexes to make you live your fantasies.

Jaloo also sells masturbators in the shape of an anus to discover or rediscover the sensations of a pleasant sodomy.This way, the masturbator is tighter in order to make you feel the true sensations of a true rectum. The different possible textures give males different sensations and each masturbator is designed so that a penis can get entirely in.

Masturbators often have a no-frill but  elegant look. You’ll have the possibility to get any sextoy that best meets your expectations. This is the motto of the brand  Tenga that allows you to enjoy masturbating sessions on your own and thanks to their unusual inner reliefs. This will be a good opportunity to discover new sensations. And for the males who have never used a masturbator before, enjoy our wide selection of pocket vaginas to discover this male pleasure at a low price on your own or with others.


The cockring to improve your performance


Spice up your sex sessions thanks to our incredible range of cockrings. Try these vibrating or non-vibrating rings, jewel rings, silicon rings in different colours. Our range is so wide that you can even match your cockring with your sexy outfit.

The cockting is an accessory designed for the pleasure of your penis. It’s designed to ensure the stiffness of your erection since it increases the rush of blood in your penis and boosts your performance. With this toy, you can have a harder penis filled with desire for your partner’s  greatest pleasure. You will allow experience more pleasure while ejaculating and once pressure has been released you will feel pleasure intensely through your body. 

Put the cockring at the base of your penis. Some cockrings also wrap your testicles for a unique feeling of support. A cockring can also come with a silicon plug to stimulate each of your erogenous zones.

Discover our cokrings made of metal, silicon or even leather for a sexier and more provocative style. There are also different colours and translucid rings to match the lines and colours of your erotic setting.


The dildos, plugs and other prostate stimulators for anal penetration


Be open-minded, be Jaloo! Anal sex is less and less taboo even if you’re straight. This practice opens the gates of a world where the P spot rules, the spot which is responsible for extraordinary orgasms. Our team invites you to discover all the pleasures of pegging and anal penetration with our quality sextoys designed for men.

For starters, choose an anal plug to acquire valuable experience with the sweetness of anal sex. It’s this very kind of sextoys that will help you get into the bliss of prostatic dilation little by little if you want anus to welcome a bigger dildo or your partner into your anal heaven. If you wish to have different sorts of pleasures, you can choose a vibrating anal sextoy with several speeds of vibrations. These connected sextoys will give you more intense orgasmic pleasure. Finally, if you dare, take a plug with you for a party or a naughty day with your lover. Some of them come with jewels while others have diamonds to finely decorate your anatomy.

For the thrill seekers and those with an insatiable penis, our lovestore has a range of dildos and vibrators of any size and for any budget. Enjoy our realistic-looking dildos with the size and shape of real penises. If you wish to experience more extreme penetrations, why not try our extra large dildos for a good fist-fucking session. All our dildos have a stop to make sure that you don’t swallow them all. Beginners will be delighted to know that we thought of them with our range of anal sextoys for beginners.


The pledge of quality of our online lovestore


Choose among our selection of naughty products the one that will meet your expectations and satisfy your senses and desires. Each man , whatever his sexuality, will manage to find the intimate toys and accessories to fulfill their wishes. Forget all your cliches about sextoys, overcome your inhibitions because sextoys are not only for women. Sextoys are here for your pleasure to spice up your sex life on your own or with others.

By choosing to place your order with Jaloo Paris, you benefit from the expertise of all our team members. Our customer department is at your service to help you in any way and answer any question you may have.

Online payment is 100% secure and the heading of your purchase remains totally neutral on your bank statement. This is the reason why our parcels are discreet and bear no mention of our store nor the name of the product you ordered. Your utmost exciting finds will be shipped within 24 hours so make your fantasies come true because things have never been so easy thanks to our team at Jaloo!


For you ladies


Nobody will be jealous on Jaloo! Female pleasure is also given importance in our women’s section.  Your man’s pleasure can also be your woman’s one so feel free to indulge in some jewels that will spice up your nights. Choose a new connected vibrator to add up new toys to your existing collection of female toys or a strap-on or why not try our divine kegel balls. With our wide selection of sextoys for ladies, spice up your erotic massages and make your nights hotter. We at Jaloo will always find the most innovative sextoys that suit you. And if your man wants to treat his female partner or if our female customers want to treat themselves, our toys are at their disposal to make their sex life ecstatic and to yeild to lust and pleasure. Be jaloo! Browse through our women’s section and yield to temptation.   



Be Jaloo