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Anal butt plugs are designed to bring extra pleasure in order to vary the pleasures and give you different sensations. As they’re rather discreet and affordable, many of our customers have already given in to temptation.


The cone-shaped sex toy


This conical sextoy is different from all the other ones. It’s more or less swollen and round with a smooth and thin end. It’s quite easy and safe to insert it into your anus and it will stimulate your erogenous zones. This type of pleasure isn’t reserved for women only, it’s for everybody, whatever their sexuality whether you’re alone or with a partner. It can help you make penetration smoother that’s why it’s often used during foreplay in order to receive something bigger such as a penis or a dildo. It”s also the perfect accessory for those wishing to try sodomy.


Good for anal orgasms


This toy is necessary if you want to experience and enjoy anal orgasms. This part of the human body is often overlooked. At Jaloo, we have several sizes of butt plugs (3 to 10 cm) at your disposal as well as anal beads coming in different textures such as silicon or metal. If you want trendier toys, why not choose a colourful anal butt plug or even an anal butt plug set with a high quality jewel with jewel butt plugs.  Jaloo has different sizes (3 to 10 cm) because we think that everybody can discover their body at their own pace and according to their wishes. To make it short, your butt plug will stimulate your or your partner’s anal area, which will give intense and unique pleasure. We remind you to lubricate your butt plug before inserting it into your anus. We also recommend that you insert it while spinning it in order to increase pleasure during the penetration with your anal toy.


Erotic toy 


This erotic toy will spice up your sexual intercourse on your own or with a partner. Everybody can find what they’re looking for with this essential toy. Some butt plugs even have a vibrating mechanism to make penetration easier and relax your muscles. The constant vibrations of these vibrating butt plugs give unique and exquisite sensations. 


An accessory tailored to your needs


It’s never too late to discover these new types of desires and penetrations. You have to know that anal butt plugs were designed to go back and forth and are used to have pleasure or to prepare your anus to have something bigger inside. You now understand that these accessories will allow you to share and experiment unique and extraordinary sensations. You’ll find on our website a wide range of anal butt plugs to suit all tastes. Just choose the one that is for you!