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Jewel Butt Plugs



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Discover our Jewel Butt Plugs

If you dream of intense stimulation, choose jewel butt plugs


You want to spice up your love nights, but can't find any innovative ideas? The jewel plug guarantees to increase your sensations. It will be the ideal partner for your orifice, allowing you to access other areas of pleasure.



Thanks to the rectal massage provided by the jewel plug, your anus will be stimulated at the same time as your intimate walls. It will intensify pleasure during masturbation if you are a lover of solitary pleasure. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with your rectal area and get to know your sensitive points. You can also use it to prepare your partner's anus before a sodomy session. So, get ready to have more orgasms! The real plus of this naughty sex toy is its jewel, which makes it very chic and will allow you to shine during your lovemaking. The jewel plug is available in several sizes and materials. You can also choose between several brands: Booty Sparks and EasyToys Anal Collection.


Instructions for use

Before inserting the plug into your anus, make sure you have a lubricant suitable for your butt plug to make its insertion easier.