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Have you found the right one?


I used to offer - and I still do - naughty accessories, sex toys and sexy outfits to my partner. She wished to do the same but to no avail.

She wanted to touch me, caress me or penetrate me with any kind of objects and see me come as much as I made her come. She also wanted my body to shiver with pleasure. She imagined a smell of musk combined with rubber and a place with soft lights while wild cries filled our bedroom.  

Yet when we tried to find the right accessories for our wild nights, we couldn’t find what we were looking for because of a lack of choice or too many obstacles to make us buy something. I used to end up on dubious sites that didn’t meet my expectations. To make things short, I was wondering: Where can I find a lovestore for males only? Where is the lovestore I’ve been looking for for so many ages? 


So, who are we? 


Sorry for being so impolite but I forgot to introduce ourselves. My name is Martin and Ludo and Erwan are my business angels, my roommates, my childhood friends. We are three 38-years-old entrepreneurs with many new ideas in our minds and the will to change things.

It all started in 2005 in our student’s flat situated in the old city centre of Rennes. We were party goers, always ready for adventure, sporty and always open to new experiences. Despite our common interests, we have different tastes when it comes to sex. Ludo, a young student in digital marketing, is only turned on by males while Erwan - a piano bar tenant -  has a finger in every pie, he likes both genders as long as they have good taste. As for me ‘ Martin - with my attitude of engineering student -  I’m a young transsexual who likes to move his body on the dance floor every week end dressed as a Drag Queen. So now you know, we are three roommates with three different sexualities.

To earn a little extra money, I used to design websites for professionals as a freelancer. Then one day, I came up with the idea of creating my own e-shop, an online retail store selling poppers. Yes indeed, an online shop for poppers. My two roommates having a daring personality told me to give it a go after listening to my project and this is how Poppers Rapide was born.


15 years of expertise


Black sequoia has been existing since 2005 and is this parent company of Poppers Aromas, which is now the European leader in the sale of poppers online,  has now 10 online retail sites, 10 collaborators and has a promising future. We ship over 500,000 parcels a year all over the world. From Spain to the east and up to America, over 250,000 customers trust us enough to be delivered their bit of happiness all over the globe. 

All this is made possible thanks to our rigorous and serious logistics. Our products are stored and shipped from France and with the trustful relations that we have with our suppliers and partners, we are able to offer competitive prices for good-quality products.

What is our policy? To enjoy giving pleasure. To innovate and share. Fun and diversity. We’re a bunch of altruistic hearty eaters at Black Sequoia.

But we have more. We are greedy and men of action. We’re greedy and above all we love new things eager to always learn more. 


What about Jaloo?


Our customers and maybe you are the ones who helped us find our way through the trail of male sex toys. Indeed, some of our customers begged for more sextoys on Poppers Aromas.

Having noticed that there were too few lovestores dedicated to men only, we decided to found Jaloo to offer today’s men a place that would be plentiful and sensual and for all men, straight, gay, bisexual, intersexual, transsexual, non-binary, genderfluid, agender or from several of these categories. A place where men wouldn't be judged, without any taboos or prudishness. A lovestore whose goal would be to be dedicated to the many forms of male pleasure, unveiling our erotic inspirations and our personal and private wishes.  

Erwan and Ludo found this project appealing immediately when I told them that “ the pleasures of the flesh are getting more and more commonplace and indulging yourself isn’t taboo any longer. I’m hedonistic, I like lust and you do too. Being bisexual gives me a wide outlook on sexuality, which is good! We’ve also tested licentiousness and we don’t limit ourselves to one type of sexuality. We’re also three insatiably curious blokes. The huge web that the internet represents isn’t enough. What is missing for us is a place dedicated to male pleasure only. Remember the parties when we were in search of a gem for our next sexual feat? Lovestores are mainly for gays and women with only a small section for males while there’s so many male sex toys being launched on the market. We have to promote these innovative objects!”

The machine had been started and we then had a new lovestore concept with Frenchy airs and 100% for males. The project is now reality and here you have the proof of it.

We created Jaloo with the will to put an end to borders between sexualities and to share with you our philosophy as regards sex. Jaloo was created to make you feel good and experience your purchases in a muted and refined place. Jaloo is your secret garden, the garden of your pleasures. Each sex toy from our store is a jewel to add to your personal collection of jewels.

Our customers are at the centre of our values and we do cherish you since buying sextoys is far from being commonplace.


The team


New start, new business, new team. The basis remains almost the same even if we now have new collaborators to carry out this joyful adventure successfully.

Jaloo is now a team of over 10 collaborators from all walks of life, all ages and all types of sexualities. We are here to propose you a wide range of naughty products. Our team and our premises are based in France, in Brittany. 

Each member of our staff has their own skills in specific areas and make you benefit from their expertise all along your shopping experience in order to make you have a premium quality service.This goes from our logistician who prepares and ships your orders to our community manager who answers all your questions on social media. Our web developer is also involved by keeping the website in good repair as well as the after-sales department. We're always available during your shopping experience and are very attentive to you and ready to give you any advice.




Lighthouse Diffusion is the new parent company that we have created especially for Jaloo but it’s still the same logistics team as for our poppers e-shops. You benefit from exactly the same advantages. Your parcels are shipped as quickly with the same efficiency and discretion. Your order is dealt with and shipped in the day if you have placed your order before 2 pm. Most importantly, for UK, the delivery is now free from €59!


Providing Excellence


With Jaloo, we want you to benefit from our expertise and to offer you excellence. 

The trust of our current customers and suppliers is built on a solid foundation. Thanks to a customer service always available and attentive, to our speedy delivery and to a pleasant user experience.

Jaloo is a simple yet elegant and refined website that is 100% secure just like all our websites.

Our customer department is based in our premises in France and remains at your disposal to help you during your visit in case you need some. This department advises you and helps you to find the right product that meets your expectations or deal with any mishap that you may have before or after placing your order.

Discretion is our keyword! We make it a point of honour to respect your private life and the three of us are fully aware of the importance to be totally transparent as regards our data management policy. That is why you won’t find any mention of our company’s name on your parcel or on your bank statement. Our commitment is to promise you total discretion.

We have products to suit everybody’s tastes. You can be a wild and hot orgies enthusiast or prude and reserved person on the contrary but you have to know that Jaloo Paris is guiding you and proposes you the right products that will suit your demands.


Our values


Our values remain the same and are even stronger than before.

We founded Jaloo on values that have been dear to us since the very beginning of our adventure in 2005:

    • Tolerance

    • Kindness

    • Open-mindedness

    • Respect

    • Discretion 

More than a sex shop, Jaloo is lovestore in all its splendour. It’s a place dedicated to male hedonism, a place designed with taste where people enjoy coming to choose their toys to satisfy their sexual and carnal desires. It’s a place that makes you love, give and receive pleasure galore.

Welcome to Jaloo! We’re truly happy to welcome you to our French and chic lovestore where eroticism and sensuality meet for your own satisfaction at the heart of our project. Be Jaloo!


Ludo, Erwan & Martin. Founders of Jaloo.