Being a man and liking sodomy


Sodomy, which had long been viewed as a practice imposed on women or reserved for homosexuals, is now becoming little by little a practice that is commonplace for men who now enjoy it. Fortunately, attitudes are changing.

Sodomy still has a degrading image. It was long seen as a dirty sexual practice and even a form of submission from the passive partner.

Known and practised since Antiquity by the Greeks and Romans, sodomy -Whose name comes from the biblical city of Sodome- used to deal with any sexual practice rejected by beliefs. The fellation, cunnilingus, masturbation or even anal penetration were part of the gift package named sodomy. Indeed, our distant ancestors knew how to have fun too.

By the way, they’re not so distant since we had to wait until 2003 so that anal penetration wouldn’t be punishable any longer and not even punished overseas. However, it still has a taboo and forbidden connotation.

Sodomy is as clean as any sexual act

In fact, sodomy isn’t dirty. As far as hygiene is concerned, sodomy requires to be clean and self-respectful first. Showering, going to the toilet and having anal enema are just basics at least to feel clean. It’s indeed one of the secrets of sexuality, liking oneself and we do. The anal douche will be neither too hot nor too cold. You won’t obviously need a high-pressure cleaner. Water slowly inserted into your fetal bowl will make the faecal matter softer in order to be expelled more safely and painlessly. The penetration of the enema bulb’s tip has to be lubricated after being thoroughly cleaned.

Submission is a possible way of seeing sodomy though it’s not an obligation. If sodomy is considered by some people as a degrading practice who see it through their education and their lives. If this sensation spices up this game or is exciting, then everyone will win. However, if this sensation disturbs you, then remember that no one nor anything can force you to do it.

Men are predisposed to enjoy anal sex

Men have an organ -the prostate– which is particularly sensitive to stimulation with a finger or other means. This sexual organ is widely responsible for keeping spermatozoa intact and for making the fluid that feeds them. Located between the urinary tract and the genitals, a few centimetres from the anus, the prostate will be under pressure to such an extent that it will trigger a tremendous orgasm and in many cases ejaculation. Besides, prostate stimulation is widely responsible for the pleasure felt by men who are sodomised. Test for yourself, a dildo or a vibrator should convince you!

Down with the image of homosexuality that goes with anal sex

Homophobia is mainly responsible for the rejection of anal sex. The person being penetrated is considered as passive -a word accepted by the gay community- or submissive, which is all the stronger when a man’s virility is questioned. We’re led to believe that virility and its corollary patriarchy feel the need to prove that a man dominates only through sexual positions. However statistics are clear,  41% of men have already experienced anal sex (only 37% of women). According to the French polling organisation IFOP,  only 3% of people view themselves as homosexuals. Would it mean that the remaining 38% are repressed people? Absolutely not! They simply take sodomy as a different form of pleasure and don’t question the image that people can have of it. Is it a problem by the way? Certainly not!

No more risks of STDs if anal sex is done in good conditions

Anal sex requires to be soft and patient. The anal sphincters tend to refuse being penetrated by a penis or any other accessory you may use. If you insist too quickly or too hard, you could injure your skin or anal membrane. This injury which is called anal fissure is a possible carrier of multiple STDs, AIDS coming first. This is the reason why we highly recommend the use of condoms (whether you know your partner or not) and above all the use of a lubricant.

MySize Condoms

Pleasure through preparation

Those who see preparation -the well-known foreplay– as important than the sexual act itself, by practising anal sex, they’ll be well served. Anal penetration is something that can’t be improvised. Not to mention long mental preparation, the fact to do it step by step by starting with intimate hygiene followed by enema are two necessary actions which -though not compulsory- that remove the “unannounced aspect” of the sexual act. Then comes the anal dilation and the application of lubricant. The whole process of preparation contributes to sexual arousal and the setting up of the pleasure to come.

On the contrary, too much haste and a botched preparation can lead to disastrous effects for an experience that’s supposed to be enjoyable. 

Yes indeed, anal sex is to be prepared!

Fingers, sex or accessories

Anal sex can be simply done with your fingers. One, two, then 3 or more fingers, it will all depend on what you feel like doing first and then on the elasticity of your sphincter. Contrary to the urban legend and except if you have an extreme practice of anal sex, the risk of faecal incontinence is close to nothing.

Our body has surprising elastic capacities!

This said, using your own fingers is a good solution for a start. This will allow you to find the right position, frequency and back-and-forth rhythm that will suit your body and anus. In a nutshell, training is the key to pleasure!

A dildo, whether vibrating or not, can be used. It will doubtlessly be seen as less taboo as far as hygiene is concerned when using your fingers. The major drawback is that what you feel is reduced by the hardness of the accessory which can end up in an injury if you’re too fast.

Last but not least, a man’s sex is the ultimate accessory for a successful sodomy. Being warm, hard and lively, a penis can be used more softly (his owner will feel pain if he goes too fast). Penetration by another man is symbolic of a new stage in sexuality. This means clearly accepting this type of pleasure and the possibility given by someone of the same sex to give you pleasure and it contributes to make sodomy a special sexual act.

Soft and pleasing indeed but special.

The first time: confident and relaxed

At the risk of shocking the most Alpha of our readers, being sodomised for the first time requires softness and attentiveness from the person penetrating you. There might not be any pleasure at first and it might also be painful. Most of the time, it will be because the one receiving anal sex was worried or stressed. You can’t do anything against that.

If poppers can help you relax and dilate a little, speaking about your sensations, your fears, as well as the doubts about what will happen, is helpful to avoid pain. Here, as for any other sexual act, communication and dialogue are essential for successful anal sex.

Besides, what is successful anal sex? There’s no academic definition. It’s when both stakeholders enjoy penetrating or being penetrated, which means that the precise dose of expected pain will be felt while the minimal amount of pleasure is given. And to finish, it is when both partners feel like doing it again, either of them for their own pleasure, that you can say that the sodomy was successful.

Don’t try to have it right at any cost for the first time. First, because it’s your right not to enjoy anal sex. Second, because, as for any other sexual act, letting go will come with time and repetition. Third, because the moment, the place, the atmosphere, the person doing it, your meal and your daily worries are other factors. All these little details can make the next sodomy pleasant or not the next time you do it.

What matters most is the delightful alchemy that makes us humans!


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