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We have the best choice of condoms sold on the market and also the best brands!

Choosing a condom is very important to have fun with others with or without a sextoy. Indeed if a condom is too small, it will squeeze your penis and could end up broken. On the contrary, if it’s too big, it will make uncomfortable creases for your partner and can slip off your penis. It’s also true that lubricated condoms indisputably bring you more comfort. You just have to to discover our whole range to get an opinion.


 Ultra thin condoms


Ultra thin condoms will give you pleasure skin-to-skin sensations in all your sexual relations which can be anal, vaginal and oral ones. You’ll feel closer to your partner with an ultra thin condom, as if you had nothing on your sex, which will increasure your pleasure. Being thin doesn’t mean that these condoms are not resistant for serene relations. 


Endurance condoms


An endurance condom - also named a climax delay condom - has a small amount of benzocaine gel, which is a local anaesthetic, inside the tip. With the warmth of your glans, this gel will melt and penetrate the erogenous zone to delay your ejaculation. Besides, its special narrow shape gives a slight pressure on your erectile nerve while slowing down your blood flow. All these actions will contribute to a long lasting relation for everybody’s pleasure.


Large condoms 


Large condoms are for males with a penis size that is bigger than what is usual. The smooth surface as well as the extreme thinness of XL condoms are another asset to honour your partner. Your penis deserves the necessary comfort and reliability for its size. Don’t hesitate to measure your penis to choose the size that best fits your sex.