Male masturbation or the art of taking one’s pleasure in hand.

Male masturbation or the art of taking one’s pleasure in hand.

Male masturbation used to be frown upon, it was seen as something taboo. This practice was said to make people crazy, stupid, blind or even epileptic.

Masturbating when you’re a man

Medicine has slightly changed its mind over the years even if excessive masturbation is still seen as abnormal. Now doctors see it as a right for pleasure which doesn’t necessarily make you a psychopath. Two centuries ago, masturbation on your own was recommended to men suffering from urinary issues. Since then, the world has really changed as well as attitudes. There are now many possibilities to stimulate your pleasure.

We’re lucky enough to be living in the post-revolution sexual era. Nowadays, a man who masturbates is seen as happy so gentlemen, please brace yourselves for we are here to give you some advice on how you and your partner can enjoy a powerful kind of masturbation that could make you blind with pleasure.

Why masturbate?

It’s well known that masturbation is a practice giving very intense and powerful pleasure. Masturbation is also a physical need that men can sometimes feel the desire to do. There are also many reasons for masturbating.

  • To relax! I’m pretty sure that you feel much better after masturbating esdpecially if you have to do something stressful such as a presentation at work or a sports competition. The endorphins secreted by your body while you ejaculate do give a feeling of bliss.
  • To learn more about your own pleasure. Indeed you’ve all had to masturbate before having sex with a partner when you were discovering your own body.
  • For your health. Even if we’ve known it for little time, we now know that masturbating helps to reduce the risks of prostate cancer. So don’t refrain from masturbating since it can also be a good way of relieving a headache. Last but not least, masturbating also helps you to boost your immune system more efficiently in order to fight against flu and colds.
  • For your beauty sleep as masturbation helps you to go back to sleep in case of temporary insomnia.

The importance of visual stimulation for men during male masturbation

People tend to say that men visit more porn sites than women but it’s only for medical reasons. Indeed, even though you may not believe it, men need visual stimulation to increase their pleasure otherwise they need a powerful imagination.

Diversifying the pleasures of male masturbation.

Male masturbation is realy simple. You just have to go back and forth with your hand and to give a movement varying in intensity in order to simulate a penetration that will lead you to reach your final pleasure. We can give you a few ideas to make your solitary moments or your moments with your partner more varied and intense.


Before going straight to the point, you can start increasing your pleasure through caresses in your trousers or by rubbing your sex against any type of surface.

Avant d’aller directement à l’essentiel, commencez à faire grimper votre plaisir par des caresses, à travers le pantalon, ou par des frottements sur n’importe quelle surface.

Varying the types of caresses

While masturbating, use your other hand to caress your body because secondary erogenous zones are as important to increase your arousal and the sensations that you feel while masturbating.

The back door

Feel free to stimulate your anus. Some men just love it! Did you know that inserting a finger into your anus stimulates your prostate more and gives you more chances to hane an ecstatic orgasm?


Don’t hesitate to break the routine and to use use either hand while masturbating.

Train to last longer

Masturbation is like a training session that’s why you can train to last longer. Prevent your sperm from coming by pressing the base of your penis in order to delay your ejaculation and thus to last longer. This is an exercise that can be done alone or with your partner.

Vary your movements

By using different speeds and pressures, you will feel different sensations and then learn to know your body and desires.

Take your time

Taking your time will help you feel different sensations. There are other ways to discover your own pleasure. You can draw your inspiration from foreplay as a couple to then do the same thing on your own but very slowly.This is what we call slow sex. Another technique which is a little more spiritual is the tantric version that comes from the Indian culture. It consists in keeping your penis warm in your hands and without moving.

Solitary Kamasutra

Kama sutra isn’t only for couples. If you change your position while masturbating, you will improve your pleasure and experience something different.

ce n’est pas seulement pour les couples, si vous changez de position pendant votre masturbation, vous contribuerez à augmenter votre plaisir et à changer d’air érotique.

The different accessories for male masturbation


They often come as silicon eggs that can recreate the sensations inside a vagina into which you can put your penis. Others are realistic replicas of sensual mouths, vaginas or even exciting bottoms.

Vibrating ring or cock ring

This ring which is used during sexual intercourse can also be used during masturbation on your own.

Prostate massager

For a more powerful orgasm, you can use anal toys with adapted vibrators.

Pour un orgasme plus intense, il est possible d’utiliser des stimulateurs anaux avec des vibromasseurs adaptés.

Intimate moisturiser

Choose to use an intimate lubricant which will give you more comfort and give you sensations close to the ones inside a vagina or rectum. You can also spice up your masturbation with a warming or cooling lubricant.


A condom will also help you make your solitary moments more realistic.


Even if this solution is rather usual, a doll is quite expensive.


Male masturbation with your partner

Some men like it while others believe that masturbation is a form of art that can only be done alone. Whatever the case, here are a few tips for women wishing to masturbate their men.

Use speed but without any rush

If you’re too slow, your man can get bored but if too quick, you might hurt your man or arouse him too quickly. Just talk together and ask your man what he thinks about this practice.

Surprise him

Once you have found the right pace, you can surprise him by using a different speed but only reasonably.

Grit your teeth

Persevere and no matter what, keep going if you don’t want to ruin your man’s pleasure. Bear in mind that it can be a good opportunity to improve your endurance.

Show what you’re made of

As seen above, visual stimulation is very important for men so don’t hesitate to stare at him and to use your other hand to caress your body.

Role play

If you wish to avoid routine and maintain your sexual pleasure, you can have role plays on occasions. Keep your man’s fantasies vivid by mastering male masturbation.

Be daring!

Talk to your man about his different forms of pleasures to know more about his arousal and test them.

Use different techniques that suit your man’s tastes: caress the head of his penis and its frenum to improve the stimulation, lick it to improve his arousal and even use prostate massage to give him other types of sensations as you will see below.

Anal masturbation

Though it’s till considered taboo and connected with homosexual pleasure, anal masturbation is an intense form of pleasure for any man daring to have a go at it.

The goal of anal masturbation is to have prostatic pleasure which can be done by the female partner with one or two lubricated fingers or with appropriate accessories.

Being a little spongy structure, your prostate is located in your abdominal cavity around 7 cm after your anus.

The happy man whose prostate will be slowly tickled will experience a special and more intense type of orgasm than a more traditional one.

A little of what you fancy does you good

Even if this topic has evolved in time, male masturbation remains taboo. Some myths stay in people’s minds as for example making you impudent or a premature ejaculator. Yet, everybody – including Woody Allen – agrees that masturbation does you good : “don’t say anything bad about masturbation since it’s making love with someone you know”


I love to try and discover new pleasures, as well as answer all your questions.
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