Locktober, male chastity challenge for a month!

Locktober, male chastity challenge for a month!

October is the month of male chastity, with Locktober. Pleasure is forbidden to men, but above all, it is prevented by the use of a chastity device! 

A recent tradition in the invisible world of submission, Locktober is becoming an annual rite of passage for all devotees of male orgasm control and chastity, both in couples and solo!

The concept is simple: for one month, with each new edition, men will have to abstain from any orgasm. The wearing of the chastity cage will be permanent and mandatory from the first of the month to Halloween night.

  • No pleasure, no matter the context! 
  • No orgasm, no matter when!
  • No ejaculation, whatever the urge! 

Your Jaloo love store will accompany you in this abstinence throughout October:

Chastity belts and penis cages will be popular throughout Locktober. Increase excitement over frustration during this whole month without ejaculation, pleasure or orgasm.

What is Locktober? Abstinence and much more

The principle of Locktober is not only to prevent orgasm but especially to forbid it. For this, there is nothing better than a male chastity cage that will restrict pleasure, not desire. The chastity cage allows, over time, to obtain obedience and male abstinence without the need to repeat commands. In case of an attempt, the penis chastity will turn the erection into something so unpleasant that an orgasm is impossible.

Couples who practice male submission or femdom are used to these chastity challenges. Only, October challenge is not a short period. The man will regain his right to pleasure and orgasm at the end of the month! No pleasure, orgasm or male ejaculation.

Add humiliation!

With the key in the other’s hands, the man will have to ask for help to wash. It is up to the dominant to decide whether or not to release him. Why not set him free and ask him to wash his penis in front of you? There is no risk, then, that he will get any pleasure, Locktober will remain not only the month of the lock but also the month of control. Fans of humiliation games will appreciate this forced washing! Why not take the opportunity to make a video of your chastity adventures? From the pose to the withdrawal and the orgasm that will come in November, film and stage sex videos. The weeks of withholding orgasm will be exciting memories to start Locktober again next year!

Which chastity cage to choose?

For such a long period, there is no doubt that the male chastity cage chosen must meet several requirements: 

  • True deprivation of pleasure
  • Locking with an efficient key 
  • Discretion
  • Comfort and safety

You can’t let your partner spend a whole month with a poor quality cage, he could get injured. Two models seem suitable for this long-term October challenge. No risk of orgasm or possibility of opening the cage without a key.

Chrome plated, El Castita is elegant, reliable and secure. Its small size will prevent an erection or any male necessity for pleasure. Moreover, its shiny and rather heavy appearance will not allow it to be forgotten. The cage will be securely locked with a real key or code lock, which only the other partner will know. The man carrying the penis cage cannot take or even imagine pleasure, he will not succeed.

While less discreet, the Black Line chastity cage is far more frustrating, as it does not prevent an erection. The thin mesh will make it impossible to touch the penis and get any semblance of an orgasm or even the beginning of pleasure. In other words, there will be many moments of male erection without any pleasure during this Locktober challenge. The caged man will have to learn obedience and submission with this chastity cage!

Testimony of Locktober participants

“As those familiar with domination and submission games know, orgasm control and male chastity are the pillars of power.” This is what Laure and Axel explain to us (their names have been changed), who have been participating in this challenge since 2019. Laure has been submitting her husband for about ten years. Early in their relationship, Axel’s control over his genitals was restricted.

Laure explains “He wanted to be able to masturbate to his will and enjoy himself. I know his sexual appetite and I know that frustration can produce particularly compelling results. I didn’t tell him immediately, I made sure that this unfulfilled desire for sex would creep into our games. He has always had a submissive streak. I started by forbidding him to masturbate for 2 days in a row, then we increased it, little by little.”.

Axel’s feelings were not long in coming. “After 3 or 4 months, one evening I came home from work and found a parcel on the table. I ask Laure what it’s all about and she tells me to wait until after the meal. That’s how I got my first chastity cage and spent a whole week with it.”

He continues sharing his feelings. “The most frustrating thing is feeling like you have an erection and no matter what you do, pleasure won’t come. I tried many things. But the very fine mesh model that Laure gave me is super efficient, I don’t feel anything at all!” When it comes to Locktober, of course, things get tougher. Laure explains that at this challenge her femdom takes all its meaning. 

“Around the 12th or 13th of October, I asked Laure if she could remove the cage, as I could feel the tension rising. She simply told me that I would have to wait until at least the end of the month and that it would be like this every year during October. I think this is the first time I heard about Locktober.” explains Axel.

Locktober: adapt your daily routine

Axel, though accustomed to masturbation, had to restrain himself permanently from taking pleasure. “This chastity, if it is part of the game, is heavy in the long run” Axel complains to his Mistress, who smiles at this complaint. She echoes back to him “This abstinence is because you don’t deserve to touch yourself, you know that very well. There is no reason to change this. This year, once again, you will experience a new edition of Locktober and you will stay a whole month with your penis cage, without orgasm or possibility to have sex!”. The conclusion is clear.

How does Axel manage the confidentiality of wearing this male chastity cage for a whole month while going to work, to the doctor or to his family in London?

He explains “You have to plan ahead, that’s the most complicated part. The thing that scares me the most, in fact, is having an accident and being forced to be naked in front of someone who doesn’t know that challenge. This person who is not part of my couple cannot understand this game with my mistress (that’s what Axel calls Laure during their Femdom BDSM play sessions). The sight of my sex in a cage could be interpreted as abuse. I wouldn’t want to break the privacy between Laure and me.”.

Speaking of privacy, does Axel think he has been noticed yet? “I don’t advertise my condition. I rely on discretion. But for weeks I have to be careful, especially when I go to sport. Exceptionally, in October every year, I don’t take a shower outside the house, let alone in the cloakroom, as these are communal showers. I would have no choice but to show up with the penis cage and explain the situation. I want to keep information about my life and my sex games with my mistress private.” concludes the submissive.

In conclusion, Laure -Mistress- shows us the key to the lock of the chastity cage Axel is wearing. “When I allow him to ejaculate, he uses his experience to make sure I get pleasure!”.

Next ejaculation for Axel? “After Halloween weekend” concludes Laure.


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