My Jaloo members

My Jaloo members

Welcome to the paradise of male pleasure. Feel free to browse through our male garden filled with aphrodisiac scents mixed with wild fragrances and enjoy this place dedicated to male pleasure only. More than a sex shop, Jaloo is a love store.

Lust is our sin and sex our passion”, such is the motto of Jaloo Paris. Its founders Erwan, Ludo and Martin are three vigorous men around thirty years old who wished to bring something new to the world of male sextoys.

Jaloo is the result of their sexual wishes combined with a good dose of cheek. They’ve been working on this exciting project for 2 years.

Why create Jaloo?

Spinoza used to say that “ desire is the essence of man” and yet this saying isn’t fully true on the web. Indeed, there’s not much choice, the interfaces don’t look reassuring and payment is not that secure. It’s still so difficult to finally find original and innovative sextoys for males. You may have wasted your time browsing the web hoping to find the ideal sextoy just like us and you probably find online sex shops devoid of pleasure.

That is the reason why Jaloo is the sanctuary of any type of man, of their pleasure and their desires. Our love store has direct access to ecstasy. Jaloo represents all of you, no matter if you’re homosexual, heterosexual, transgender, intersex, non binary or agender or if you have any other type of sexuality. Our store is the door to all your fantasies without any taboo. Discover the meaning of having “ Lust for Life” thanks to all these new sensations given by our fabulous males sextoys.

What is Jaloo?

Jaloo means discovering. Discovering yourself or him as we don’t know all of our desires. Jaloo also means unexpected. You might have a precise idea of the sextoy you wish to have but you could get lost among all these toys and end up being interested in another one.

Male pleasure isn’t only orgasm. Males have erogenous zones with unknown sensitivities. Jaloo was made to allow you to unveil unknown parts of yourself. It’s a love store dedicated to the male of today and of tomorrow.

Who is behind Jaloo?

We are a dynamic team of over 10 people advocating freedom, equality and sexuality and we’re curious men with different backgrounds and sexualities. However we’re all driven by the same values which are tolerance, kindness, open mindedness, respect and discretion.

We work from France to select the best sextoys that we can ship all over the world. Be sure to benefit from the expertise of each of our collaborators all along your shopping experience.

Our three word motto is listening, advising and assisting you. Come and chat with us on social media and give us a call if you prefer. Our team is always ready to help.

Whether you speak English or Spanish, our dedicated staff don’t do things by half. Our store comes in three different languages: English, Spanish and French. Besides we are aimed at all men. We wrap up our parcels with care and ship your precious toys on the day of your order. Whether you live in France or overseas, you will enjoy our express shipping. Our parcels are also plain looking without any mention of our store or products even on your bank statement. Your choice is YOUR own choice and your secret garden is ours.

Ready to venture into the haven of sextoys for males?

Make your nights unforgettable by picking through our wide range of sextous for males. Choose the traditional masturbator or a jewel plug or a candle for massages or slings . Why not try one of our leather outfits or try to submit your partner remotely with a connected chastity cage. Not forgetting women , we also have a women’s section. There’s something to suit all tastes, all desires and all fantasies whether you enjoy a soft and sensual sexuality or prefer a more beasty and wild one.

Love, sex ans pleasure are the master words on Jaloo. Our site is filled with testosterone with a hue of estrogen. It is the Garden of Eden of pleasure and enjoyment for men. You can offer, be offered or treat yourself with sex with elegance without anybody judging you.

Jaloo is an invitation to a journey to cloud nine. Take your ticket and let the red eyes filled with passion and a touch of gold of Jaloo lead you to its mischievous and delicious world.

Start your adventure through the sections of our love store.

Be Jaloo!


I love to try and discover new pleasures, as well as answer all your questions.
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