10 keys to prostate orgasm


Prostate orgasm is still seen as taboo. Quite different from penis orgasm, it’s yet more intense and gives sensations undreamt of provided you do it the right way. Let’s see how it happens step by step.

What is a prostate orgasm?

Your prostate is situated under the bladder and in front of the rectum. It’s a gland that contains sperm. It can be stimulated through rectal examination either with your fingers or appropriate accessories. The sensations you’ll feel will spread throughout your body while the penis orgasm is felt only on the outside of your penis.

“I knew it could exist” said this anonymous person X. “I would breathe and it would start again” said that other anonymous person Y. And G asked “ is it the much talked about sexual energy?”. We always tend to think that orgasms can be had only through our penis which is external to the body whereas the prostate one is totally different by spreading intense sensations throughout our body. For women, we talk about the G spot but there’s the P spot for men (P for prostate).

A sexologist explains that “men report a deeper orgasm, close to ecstasy and closer to female orgasms. It breaks in waves or sets your body on fire with delight”. The sensations are different as well as the means to feel them. Men all agree that prostate orgasm is a matter of learning.

Prostate stimulation: which is the right position?

It’s easier to reach this zone in certain positions when you’re on your own. Since relaxing is important, it’s also important to find the best position. The ones that men usually appreciate are:

  • The foetal position: knees against your chest. Your hands remain available.
  • On your back: pelvis raised by a cushion and knees bent or against your chest.

How to stimulate your prostate?

For good stimulation, here are the important steps to follow:

  • Clean your anal area and your fingers. Your fingernails must be neatly cut to avoid any injury;
  • Use a lubricant;
  • Do it step by step as in foreplay;
  • Start by massaging your anus externally. You can press lightly the area between the sex and the anus. Do small circular movements to open your anus more easily, without lingering too long on your mucous membranes because it’s a very sensitive spot;
  • To massage your prostate, insert a finger inside your rectum. Do small back-and-forth movements. The warmth of your finger and the movements will stimulate your prostate. However, if you feel like peeing, it’s normal since your prostate is close to your bladder.

Allowing yourself to feel some pleasure

As we said earlier, prostate orgasm is still taboo. The anus is considered as “dirty”, reserved for homosexuals or medical rectal examination (colorectal cancer screening). If you wish to discover this type of pleasure, you need to allow yourself to get to it. By reversing roles, you’ll be able to have exquisite pleasure. A sexologist adds: “Feeling pleasure won’t change your sexual orientation if you’re straight”.

Breathing, the key to pleasure

Follow your breathing: “It’s possible to hold your respiration or to have it jerky. Breathe more deeply so that the energy can flow and be felt throughout your body”. Working on your breathing has many advantages: it releases tensions, increases our concentration and it will help to access pleasure more easily.

Focusing on what you feel for an optimal prostate orgasm

The sensations that you usually feel with your penis are external and often growing while with a prostate orgasm, you’ll feel it coming step by step with micro rectal contractions. According to the precisions of an expert: “There’s no immediate explosion, it’s progressive!” You must listen to your body and your sensations, be patient and persevere.

The P spot: coming without your penis

You can be highly tempted to take your sex in your hands when you’re close to climax. But don’t relax and resist this temptation to continue discovering new pleasure sensations. Forget your penis and leave time to your body and brain to understand these micro contractions and these new sensations.

The P spot in solo or in duo

Start by discovering the pleasures of prostate orgasm on your own to get more familiar with these new sensations and also to find your own pace. One of our experts insists on this point: “Take this time just for yourself, explore softly without waiting” This discovery can take some time. Then, you can start experimenting with your partner and set limits. Your partner will be there to listen to your sensations and desires.

The sex toy: instructions for a prostate orgasm

Massaging your prostate alone is very delicate since it’s not very comfortable. That’s the reason why our expert explains that “For some, an appropriate sex toy allows to go beyond some resistance”. Choose an accessory that best suits your anatomy and morphology. What is best is to use a prostate massager since that’s what it’s made for.

Protate massager

Advice for use: don’t do any back-and-forth movements because they will be concentrated on the rectal area and not on your prostate. You won’t feel what you wish for. Insert it and let the massager do its job. The sphincter will contract on its own and will simulate the back-and-forth movements. Relax and let yourself be overwhelmed by sensations


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