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Premature ejaculation pills

Delay Ejaculation

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Make your pleasure last longer with our ejaculation delay spray.


Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction affecting 1 in 3 men, regardless of age. When a man is subject to this disorder, he may ejaculate, without even meaning to, before or after penetration. This can greatly diminish your sexual pleasure and that of your partner. So, what can you do to stimulate his desire and make intercourse last?  

There are two effective ways to prevent premature ejaculation and reach the peak of sexual pleasure:  

    • Use food supplements: sexologists strongly recommend products made from natural materials such as those of the Maxi Control brand. These capsules will allow you to maximise your sexual performance; 

    • Use the delaying gel of the MaxiControl brand to increase your sexual stamina.

To delay ejaculation even further, do not hesitate to use different sexual positions such as:   

    • The andromache where the man lies on his back and his partner is on top of him; 

    • The small spoon which allows the man to gently penetrate his partner deeply while keeping a calm rhythm; 

    • The lotus;

    • The cross.