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Organic Vegan Lube

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Spend steamy nights with an organic vegan lube


You are a vegan and you can't find lube that suit you? Fortunately for you, you will soon be able to add more softness and pleasure to your lovemaking with an organic vegan lube. No need to look any further. 


Sexual pleasures are within reach with the organic vegan lube.


An intimate gel based on water and 100% organic that respects your body and your choices. This gel is made to help you in case of vaginal dryness or just for more intensity during the sex act. Its composition is made to facilitate penetration and help you to enjoy even more. Moreover, an organic vegan lube will be adapted to any situation, whether for vaginal or anal sex. This lubricating gel is odourless, colourless and does not stain, even if you put it everywhere. For more freedom in your sexual relations, you can choose between the Eros and Swiss Navy brands.