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Penis glans rings

Glans Rings

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Glans Rings

Enjoy the sensitivity of your penis with the glans ring

Wishing to increase the sensitivity of your sex and get a over swollen glans during an erection? Well, it’s time you got a glans ring for more orgasms. Thanks to the glans ring, you will experience increased sensitivity of your penis and more pleasure. Your erection will then last longer and your orgasms will be bigger.


A burst of pleasure with the glans ring.

For more intense orgasms, you first have to stimulate your penis and the glans ring is the perfect toy for this purpose. It will allow you to increase the sensations around your glans and to reach cloud nine. The brand Dark-Line also proposes a metal ring designed to maximise your pleasure as it will make your penis bigger and increase the tingling effects that you feel when your penis is in contact with another surface. Your pleasure will therefore be at its height and your orgasm invigorated.

You will notice a clear improvement in the duration of your erection since the ring is held tight around your penis and increases the blood flow inside your sex, which will give you a more intense orgasm while ejaculating. 

This is why you need to choose a ring the size of your glans in order to feel the effect you wish to experience.


Instructions :

- To avoid any injury, stimulate your sex with the ring and pour some lubricant on it.

- If you’re uncut, put the ring around your love stick with care so that you won’t pinch your foreskin.

- Using the glans ring shouldn’t last over 20 minutes.

- If you feel pain inside your penis or if the ring is pinching your sex, take it off at once.