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Accessories For Penis

Penis Accessories

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Our team has thought of everything you need! If you’re looking for a way to make your erections harder, last longer or gain a few extra centimeters, we have a selection of the best products to satisfy your needs. Here you go!


The penis pump


penis pump is an erotic accessory for males with a cylinder made of hard plastic and a flexible ring in which you insert your penis. The purpose is to have a bigger, faster and long lasting erection. This penis pump can also be useful for those having erectile dysfunctions.

How to use a penis pump.

It’s so easy! You insert your penis inside the pump and pump to evacuate all the air inside the pump. The blood flow of your penis is then more intense for a harder erection. It’s absolutely painless and can also give you some pleasure. To have a better erection after pumping, you can add a cock ring to keep your firm erection much longer.


The penis sleeve


A penis sleeve is a holow sextoy for males that you slip on your erected penis. This sleeve will give an extra size to your penis to enjoy astonishing sensations and to bring the same ones to your partner. This naughty accessory is used during penetration and enables men to have a bigger penis.


Why use a penis sheath? 


To add more fun and spice to your sex moments. Your partner will be fulfiled by the result. The soft texture of the sheath plus its bumps and possibly its vibrating functions make this  accessory a must-have for your intimate moments. The back and forth movements of penetration become more intense for greater orgasms to experience.