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Achieve exceptional fisting with Crisco fist grease


Are you an experienced fisting enthusiast? Or an amateur who would like to discover new sensations? Fisting is a common practice in sexual frolics. It is a very widespread and appreciated activity, because it always guarantees extreme pleasure. 



To prevent your fisting from being too painful, intense lubrication is required. Crisco's Fist grease is a vegetable-based grease known for its ability to facilitate penetration. Therefore, a small amount of this product will guarantee you an incredible glide. It is a very lubricating product that can make your play sessions last longer without having to constantly re-apply it. It also has the advantage of being very effective for dilatation, which will make your anal activities even more exciting. Fist grease from the Crisco brand is without a doubt the ideal product for Fist-fucking enthusiasts. However, its power makes it incompatible with condoms.