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Remote vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators

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Remote Control Vibrators

Although originally vibrators only offered one mode of operation and were made of hard plastic, today everything has changed: you can now enjoy extraordinary anal or vaginal penetration using one or more of the models offered on Jaloo. They can be adjusted according to your wildest desires. These remote control vibrators are similar to very hard and long penises. Coated with very soft silicone, they will bring incredibly pleasurable sensations to your anus or vagina. Easy to use, you just have to insert them inside you, after having put some lubricant on to quickly obtain extraordinary orgasms... We have chosen to offer you very different models (sizes and operating modes) so that you can find the naughty sextoy that will best suit your body. Thanks to their remote control or a dedicated application on a smartphone, you will be able to change the way they work without difficulty while the pleasure will grow inside you!