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Masturbation Cream



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Discover our Masturbation Cream

Unbelievable sensations with the masturbation cream


You prefer masturbation rather than using sex toys for men? However, you want to have maximum sensation and pleasure? The masturbation cream will be your best ally during your solitary moments. 



Lubricating cream is above all used for masturbation. It is also suitable for sex without the use of a condom. This intimate cream cannot be used with a condom. Compared to simple lubricants, the particularity of this sensual product is that it brings a lot of softness to the glide. Moreover, it does not stick and is odourless, which makes cleaning much easier. For example, the cream offered by the Swiss Navy brand has the particularity of reacting to the body heat released. This specificity increases the heating and lubricating capacity of the cream and therefore multiplies the sensations!