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J-Lube Powder Lubricant
  • J-Lube Powder Lubricant
  • J-Lube 284g

Powder Lubricant - J-Lube - 284g

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J-LUBE. Make your own men's intimate lubricant at home! We recommend it for passionate sex such as fisting or sodomy. Follow the recipe for this lubricant powder, normally used in the field of veterinary medicine, and you will get 30 litres of J-LUBE to satisfy your games.

  • Intimate lubricant powder base (makes 30 litres)
  • Contains 284g

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Make your own lubricant with J-Lube powder - 284g

  • Intimate lubricant powder (powder base to make 30 liters of lubricant)
  • Contenant 284g 


Instructions: Dilute the powder with water until a very slippery gel is obtained. Ideal for a Fist or large sex toys.


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