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Thigh Sling Colt Camouflage packaging
  • Thigh Sling Colt Camouflage packaging
  • Thigh Sling Colt Camouflage back packaging
  • Thigh Sling Colt Camouflage

Thigh Sling - Colt - Camouflage

Brand: CalExotics

Camo Thigh Sling. Beginners or experienced, this harness is suitable for all curious players. Camo Thigh Sling firmly holds your partner's crotch open so that you can explore new angles of penetration. Comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time, the submissive's neck is retained by a pad while you play with their body. The straps are adjustable and strong. Rely on your partner's flexibility to experiment with interesting and original erotic positions. This accessory can be used in all types of sex games, whether bondage or BDSM. Follow your intuitions, be creative!


  • Sling 
  • Cotton & Polyurethane 
  • Camouflage 
Thigh Sling - Colt - Camouflage
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Barcode: 716770093776
Reference: SM137761

Learn more about Sling Camo thigh from Colt - Cotton - Camouflage

  • Harness
  • Material: Cotton & Polyurethane
  • Colour: Camouflage
  • Circumference: 86 - 128 mm
  • Width: 57 mm
  • Neck support: 43.75 x 5.75 cm
  • Thigh wrist circumference: 88.25 cm

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