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Female sextoys help for sexual arousal and increase sexual pleasure too. They can be used to spice up your life as a couple or can give you pleasant  moments on your own as well.  At Jaloo, we believe that any woman has the right to experiment their pleasure whatever their sexual orientation. Indeed, sextoys are bestsellers for ladies. They’re available at any price and thus affordable for any woman. Sextoys are a matter of individual tastes so you’re the only one who knows which one will suit you best. That’s why sextoys have different modes with different powers. For example, a remote control sextoy is more powerful than a small vibrator or a classic dildo.



Do you really want to feel pleasure? Well, whatever the place, in your bed, in the shower, a sextoy will make you feel incredible moments and will increase your sensations too. One of these  naughty toys will allow you to discover your body and better understand your sexuality and what you really enjoy. A sextoy can be used while having sex with your partner to spice up the moment and discover new amazing sensations. Don’t hesitate to make your partner participate in this moment of pleasure and make it hotter. We guarantee an utmost erotic atmosphere.



A sextoy with the shape of a dildo will give you a lot of pleasure since it is a perfect replica of a male sex. It will be very helpful if you prefer the back and forth motions to caresses only. This accessory is made to have fun even on your own. It will allow you to get off the beaten tracks if you’re looking for new kinds of pleasures. Bear in mind that you’ll be able to use it as long as you want because female sextoys never get tired. This penis-looking sextoy is made for pleasure. It can also have a therapeutic purpose for those suffering from vaginismus and those who are not fully satisfied sexually speaking. By purchasing your toy for adults only, you are certain to have found the best partner for your endless erotic games.



Using a sextoy is very simple. Washing your sextoy is recommended before and after using it to avoid any infection. You will find many colours and sizes on Jaloo. Just choose a  realistic dido or an XXL dildo. Each sextoy will stimulate you in different ways so now you can start your personal collection of sextoys. This naughty accessory will enable you to have vaginal or clitoral orgasms. Either your vagina or your clitoris can be stimulated or even both at the same time depending on which sextoy you decide to use. It’s one of the sextoys that can increase your pleasure rapidly while relaxing you. Whether you’re single or with a partner, this sextoy can help you discover unchartered erogenous zones. If you decide to use it during foreplay, it will perfectly turn up the heat and give you intense sensations. What matters most is to be open minded and curious.



Do you feel like testing other accessories? For this we also have Ben Wa balls, vibrating eggs, vibrating dildos and vibrators (e.g the rabbit). As you can see, the possibilities are many. So do you feel ready? Just create the atmosphere that favours discovery and off you start! Ladies, choose among our wide range of sextoys and naughty accessories and experience a blooming sexuality either on your own or with a partner.