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Poppers Mix

Poppers Mix

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Poppers Mix

Intensify your sexual performance thanks to the Poppers


Are you looking for ever more intense sexual pleasure? Do you need to increase or make your pleasure last longer? If so, Poppers is what you need. It is known to have a relaxing and aphrodisiac effect that will energise your sexual lovemaking.


Poppers: ideal for anal sex


The poppers is used in sexual situations for its intense and immediate effects. It makes it possible to live a very strong moment, providing an explosion of sensations. Not only does it increase excitement, but it also increases sexual energy. Poppers is generally used to facilitate anal sex. When you are completely relaxed, your body relaxes and certain parts such as the anus dilate, thus promoting anal sex. In addition, its euphoric effect is reputed to reduce pain and facilitate penetration, thus enhancing pleasure. The poppers mix from the Everest Aromas brand comes in a 24 ml bottle with an aluminium ball that traps moisture to preserve its aroma.